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Hi followers,

   Kim is one of the admins here on imastrugglingpoc. She works two jobs and was just dropped from college because of cost, and cannot ask her family for financial support. We’re trying to raise enough money to sustain Kim for at least a month, and would really appreciate your help!

  Please visit the indiegogo link for more details (and perks for larger donations!), and help us signal boost by reblogging. You can contact Kim at gardevoiir, or both of us here at imastrugglingpoc.

  - Admin L

Again, please, anything will help. Thank you for the support!

okay, so this coming month is gonna be really difficult for me so I’m gonna throw away whatever pride I have left and essentially beg now

hi guys I’m Kim and a lot of things have not been going super swell for me

I used up most of my savings to pay off the $700+ I owed my college for tuition, but because it wasn’t enough, they made me drop the class I was taking, so in addition to being behind already because of a mishap on their end, I am even more behind

I already work two jobs, but neither are scheduling me enough to pay for all of my bills; once I finish paying off everything for October, I will be left with only $11.32, which won’t last me for the week and a half I have until I get paid again

I’d like to note that my parents pay for virtually nothing, as I was essentially kicked out a few weeks after I graduated high school because of a falling out we had {I still visit them at home from time to time; my mother only ever gives me money for gas whenever I visit and that’s about as much as they support me these days}

tbh, I don’t even need the $1100 outright; that amount is mostly so that I have a failsafe since I’ve completely cleaned out my savings and have no backup should a horrible emergency come up {which happens a lot whenever I’m running thin on funds…}, and honestly with all these things falling through, I’m finding it hard to go on, since I’ve been struggling like this since I started living on my own, but it’s never been this bad

so me asking for help from the tumblr community is me reaching my lowest point and my last resort before I just stop trying, considering I’ve not been having the easiest of times lately; things have gotten so bad that I’ve been relapsing into my depression spells and my suicidal thoughts have increased tenfold; I don’t want to disappoint anyone by succumbing to them but I’m honestly seeing it as a viable option these days because I can’t handle the stress

please please at the very least reblog this; if I can get at least $200 or $300, I’d be able to sort out my finances until I can figure out how to get scheduled more at my jobs or get full-time at one of them

for once, I just want to be okay.